End User Agreement and Terms of Use and conditions for Darshil Software Services

This is a legal agreement between the end user and Soni Typing Tutor in order to use this software. This is software is to be used by you the only one. End user must agree to our following terms and conditions to use Soni Typing Tutor.

Soni typing tutor is free to download and also free to try. Trial means you have limited time period to evaluate software features. In full version there will be no any time limitation to typing tutor features.

All the terms and conditions apply to each version of software separately.

One must not resell, repackage and redistribute the software for any purpose. It must not be used without the permission from sonitypingtutor.com.

If you pay for the full version of the software then you are explicitly agree that you are completely satisfied by the trial version. By purchasing this software you are automatically agree that you have understood all the software features, terms and conditions and refund policy.

The term activation period stands for the duration you will be able to use the software. We provide software licences for the activation period. You cannot use the software once it has expired. You must pay again for the software to renew your license. Once the license period has expired no support and warranties will be apply to user as it was in the license period if there were warranties and supports.

Lifetime activation period stands for the lifetime of one Windows operating system. If by any reason user re-install windows operating system on his/her machine the license period or activation period ends that point.

By purchasing the software you get an activation key. Activation key, serial key, activation code, license code are the same term which can be used interchangeably throughout the license agreement.

User must not redistribute activation key/license key/ serial key to any other person. One must buy it from Soni Typing Tutor only.

No warranties are provided by Soni Typing Tutor to any user if his/her machine has uninstalled the sonitypingtutor.com by accident or by any other malware, antivirus or disk or system crashes.

Data corruption warranties are not corrupted. It is users responsibility to keep all the files and folders of Soni Tying Tutor intact and secure from any kind of data corruption or deletion.

User must not use all the typing paragraphs, exercises, images, notes for any other purpose.

Activation key will be provided by to user for only one product ID. Product ID is the unique id on user's machine. Machine stands for computer device it can be desktop, laptop. No more than one activation keys will be provided by Soni Typing Tutor to the end user. Once the software has been activated no guarantee is provided by Soni Typing Tutor if user loses its activation key or software has rolled back to trial version by any reason like data corruption, malware, disk corruption, any type of hardware issues or any other reason.

Sony Typing Tutor is based on the questions asked in the examination of the past years. Difficulty level of questions, level of questions, weight of marks, number of questions may vary in the actual test conducted by the recruitment authority. The questions and assessments given in it are based on memory and hypothetical. Sony Typing Tutor never claim to be authorized by any recruitment organizer department, organization, commission etc.